You would think an Insurance Broker would know how to fight their own claim but sometimes even for us it becomes too tiring and stressful to keep fighting. That’s when you need someone like Simon.

Simon has helped us over the last four years with our claim and this year came on board as our advocate. Our stress has been removed by having someone else to deal with the Insurance Companies. It’s tiring fighting a fight when you know you are right but can’t win. Simon had our closed claim reopened and the benefit arrears paid.

Simon’s claims experience inside the Insurance Companies is invaluable and allows him to give experienced and knowledgeable advice and assistance.

If you don’t have a claim Simon will tell you or he will help you fight if you do. When you are fighting a claim Simon is one of the best people to have on your side.

“Ruth Green” – June 2017


It is with my utmost pleasure that I write this reference for Simon Fisher.

In May 2016, a tenant of mine did a runner from one of my rentals leaving a considerable amount of damage to the property. It took a while for the insurance assessor to collate all the damage and file an assessment to my insurance company, who I will call X.

On viewing the assessors report, X came back to me with on initial offer of $385. My claim was in the region of $9,000. To say that I was shocked and appalled would be a gross understatement.

I battled with X for a number of months which included going higher up the ladder of authority. The pile of emails was growing.

Finally, after approx. 2 months of wrangling and a best offer of $2,900, I gave up and surrendered, my hands in the air. They had worn me down. I was far from happy with my insurance company.

In about November last year, I had a gripe on Facebook (as you do) about my insurance situation with X, generally venting my frustration. On reading this, I got a private message from Simon, who I had known for a number of years through running, our paths had crossed at a number of different events.

Simon offered to review my claim as he has had over 20 years in the insurance industry. I gratefully accepted his very kind offer. His words to me were “If I feel you have been treated poorly and your insurance company has let you down, I will go into bat for you.” I was extremely grateful to Simon for his offer, so late last year I emailed over 90 pages of correspondence to Simon. One thing my 36 years in business has taught me, is to always keep a good paper trail, I was able to forward copies of all correspondence to Simon.

After reading all the correspondence, Simon phoned me and said that he felt that I had been dealt with poorly, and that the insurance company had brushed over quite a few aspects of my claim.

He offered to follow up with my insurance company, and see if he could achieve a more acceptable outcome.

I gave Simon the green light and he went to battle for me early February. The insurance company initially gave what I would describe as, inadequate responses to Simon.

Once again Simon went, like me higher up the ladder within the insurance company. Finally, after nearly three months and many emails, the insurance company tabled an offer of $5,737. Unbelievable to think that their initial offer to me was $385, yet their final settlement was $8,634 in total. Hard to believe and comprehend really.

I am incredibly grateful to Simon for achieving the settlement from Insurance Company X, for me.

It was really like David taking on the might of Goliath. I liken this situation to running a marathon. It takes grit, determination, a level of can do, some mongrel, persistence and a can do belief of reaching that finish line.

Thank you Simon for adopting that attitude.

Kind Regards

Ross Steele – 4th May 2017
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