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Medical Insurance

Is medical insurance worth it? ‘With Medical Insurance you don’t have to wait for public services, and you can select who you want to see if you’ve got a preference for a specialist or a surgeon. The waiting lists are so long, so if you are able to afford it, you are able to have… Read More Medical Insurance

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Application Declined

What to do if your application is not accepted When you make an application for life insurance or another type of risk insurance, you’re not always guaranteed to be approved for cover.  This is because different insurers and underwriters take varying views towards risk and what they consider to be an acceptable level of risk… Read More Application Declined

Risk Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Serious Protection with Trauma Insurance Supports you and your family while you or your child, navigate a serious illness or injury We often experience financial hardship as a result of a serious illness or injury to ourselves or a family member. Having trauma insurance can provide much-needed financial support to cover whatever you need, like… Read More Trauma Insurance

Risk Insurance

Health insurance policyholder gets triple premium increase at 21

Skyrocketed Health Insurance Premiums Chan-Riche Sykes was shocked when her health insurance premium tripled. In recent weeks Stuff has featured the stories of older people in their 60s and 70s faced with budget-busting double-digit increases to the cost of their health insurance. But Sykes was hit with the triple increase from $41 to $126 on her Ultimate Health Max Policy… Read More Health insurance policyholder gets triple premium increase at 21