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Problems with your adviser

Individual disputes with an Adviser If you’re not happy with an adviser and the service they have provided, you should contact their independent dispute resolution scheme. You’ll find details of the scheme in your adviser’s disclosure documents or on the Financial Service Providers Register. If you have a complaint, use the dispute resolution scheme to get… Read More Problems with your adviser

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Wash Your Hands

A friendly reminder to wash your hands regularly Even if you haven’t come into contact with anyone during isolation. There are suggestions that the virus can live for up to three days on items like things you might have picked up at the supermarket. Yes, that’s right, you might want to wash your hands now!… Read More Wash Your Hands


Insurance Glossary

Insurance Terminology can be Confusing So here is a handy insurance glossary which explains the more common insurance terms in plain English. Term Meaning Accident An event causing injury to an insured person and was not intended by them to happen Actuary Someone with professional training in mathematical and technical aspects of insurance, especially calculating… Read More Insurance Glossary


Man lost his home and relationship after insurance payout declined

Claim Declined This is an all too common story about an insurance claim being declined – Make sure you know what your insurance does and doesn’t cover. Warren Stanley thought he and former wife Ruby were covered when they took out income protection insurance on the back of advice from their insurance broker after increasing… Read More Man lost his home and relationship after insurance payout declined