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With over 20 years’ insurance experience and Senior Management roles within Insurance companies, including being on Claims Review committees with Insurance Companies, I have the knowledge, understanding and expertise to both manage claims and assist people with reviewing their claims process.

I have recently been asked to review claims that have either been declined or have been closed, resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome for my clients.  Unfortunately, in these circumstances the client felt they had exhausted all their options and had walked away feeling disillusioned and let down by the insurance companies.  Having paid premiums in good faith, they now felt the product they had purchased was not what had been promised.

On review of these cases, I agreed that their claims had been unfairly dealt with and took up their cases with the Insurers directly. In one case, the insurer reversed their originally decision, which resulted in a back payment of around $80,000 that was owed to my clients. In another case, it has resulted in a review of the original decision and a payment of just under $6,000 owed to my client.

If you have or know someone that has had their claim declined or the outcome has been unsatisfactory and they would like an independent review of this decision, I am happy to do this for a fixed cost.  This will include a full review of the claim file and a written report.  Additional to this, should it be determined, in my opinion, that the insurer has not made the right decision based on your policy, I will be happy to act for your and work with the insurer towards a positive outcome.

In the event the insurer reverses their decision, we take a % of the payment as a success fee. In the event the insurer does not reverse their decision, then there is no extra payment required.

I have a very simple philosophy when reviewing claim files – If I think the insurer is right, I will tell you and won’t waste your time, the insurers time or my time chasing something that will not or should not be reversed. In saying that if I think you have been wronged then I will be your advocate and will take on the insurer to get you the right outcome.

For those clients that do not have an adviser and would like assistance with their claims to ensure they get the right advice and that their claim is handled to their best interest, we offer assistance, at an hourly rate. Making claims can be a daunting process, especially if your health is not good.  We will take the stress away by dealing directly with your insurer on your behalf, and because we work for you and not the insurer you can rest assured we are always putting you first.

If you want to discuss your claim with me, please do not hesitate to contact me on 021 956 156 or simon@reviewmyclaim.co.nz.

Insurance Companies do a lot of good, but sometimes they get it wrong and that’s where we can help you!

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Review My Claim
Review My Claim